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José López.
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The “Transi de René de Chalons” by Ligier Richier, in the church of Saint Etienne in Bar-le-Duc, France.
A cadaver tomb or transi is a church monument or tomb featuring an effigy in the macabre form of a decomposing corpse. A transi is exactly this; the depiction of a rotting cadaver in art. The term can also be used for a monument that shows only the cadaver without the live person. The sculpture is intended as a didactic example of how transient earthly glory is, since it depicts what we all finally become.These cadaver tombs were made only for high-ranking nobles, because one had to be rich to afford to have one made, and powerful enough to be allotted space for one in a church.Thus, The “Transi de René de Chalons” represents René of Châlon (5 February 1519 – 15 July 1544), prince of Orange.
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